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What I learned in kindergarten about internet marketing.


1.  You don’t have to know everything to be the “teacher’s pet”

or to be successful.


2.  You don’t have to be “big” physically to weigh-in your opinion – your opinion matters to someone,

usually a good teacher.


3.  You don’t have to be ashamed when you make mistakes – everybody does it.  You

just have to learn to forgive yourself and get over it (maybe after you have had a good cry).


4.  When you get knocked down on the playground, brush yourself off and get back

up. Perhaps it is a Golden Opportunity to get out of the classroom and see the School Nurse

and get a pity-party!


Internet marketing is like that – You don’t have to be a Bully, or be the fastest in

the internet marketing class.  Learn from the ones sitting at the front paying attention (not asleep)

making A’s and getting smiles from the teacher.


You CAN do this!  Kristie

One of my best experiences online has been
with a program called Bring The Fresh.

These are the type of results you read

about in their Private Forum:

Bring the Fresh Case Study #1 Chris C from South Africa: ($40,000 in the last 2-weeks)



I remember when I first heard about it,
I thought Bring the what? It didn’t look
glitzy and glamorous, but boy what I wrong.
It is where fortunes are being made…quietly.

A guy named Kelly Felix (The Rich Jerk) used to

portray himself as a Bully online and now? In reality he’s really

a nice guy, a father or two and is teaching me how to make real money online.

I have profited from his program.


Bring the Fresh (works for me) (from a Rich Jerk who is now a Rich Humbled Stud) – this one worked for me…Kristie

Watch Me Make $559.42 in 45 minutes, More Than a DOZEN Times Click Here!


Tools I Used To Get The Amazing Widget Ranked #1 in Google In 2 Days





1.  I registered a name at and pointed my servers to Hostgator.

2.  I went to Hostgator and set up a WordPress blog using Fantastico.

3.  Then I used Bring The Fresh SEO tactics in their Fast Start Guide by Kelly Felix multi-millionaire, aka The Rich Jerk and my blog, this One that you are reading now, was indexed by nameservers in about 5 hours and indexed by home page in 12 hours JUST by using Bring The Fresh strategies on how to set up a WordPress blog to get ranked step-by-step.

If you are interested, Click here to go to Bring The Fresh – they have a Free two-week sign-up to try it out. I didn’t think it was that great at first and I sort-of stumbled around a couple of videos, but when I saw the two product launches generated by 2 of their students and listened to what they did, I thought, “I could do that.”  And I did! Those two students have brought in $40,000 from a Forex product launch (see Forex launch) and $34,500 from another launch.  They interview these guys and they tell EXACTLY what they did, how long it took, and how much money they made.

It really wasn’t that complicated and it all FINALLY, began to make sense. I discovered the SECRET to online marketing that I have been MISSING for 3 years!  In the Fast Start Guide, Kelly Felix tells you that the SECRET to making money online is _____________. And it was so unbelievably simple after he outlined exactly what to do, I couldn’t believe I had bought so many programs and software to get it done overnight in what I have been struggling to do in 3 long, 10-12 hour days trying to figure all of this out! Unbelievable! And I have a college education too! The thing I like best about Bring The Fresh is they actually take you through each step showing you on the screen, first do-this and second do-that and it is as if you are sitting there with them at their computer screen going through each step.

And – this I really didn’t believe until I experienced it first-hand. They SAID they would talk to you by cellphone (if you didn’t abuse it and after you had gone through their training, and weren’t just being lazy about having them tell you what they have already made videos about in Bring the Fresh, which is more than fair- but they give you their SKYPE names and I have talked to Kelly 3 times in 5 days by Skype asking him to look over my site. 

I have emailed Mike Long (his partner) and he has answered me back with courtesy and friendliness like their are friends to each person that joins them. I have never been happier in online marketing. I have seen success that lets me sleep better at night, knowing that I have finally found a proven system that when I work it, works for me while I sleep. I will share my income here as it comes in.

Since I am a new member of Bring The Fresh per Travis Sago’s recommendation of how to beat the recession, I decided to pick one of many make money strategies. Since two Bring The Fresh members have recently made significant amounts of money in just weeks (one made $40,000 from his own Forex launch and the other made $34,000 from a product launch), I decided to go to the Joint Venture website and pick an upcoming launch that had the following criteria:

(1) It was a product that would make actually make people money and;

(2) it was easy to sell and not complicated so that most people, like me a Baby Boomer, could actually understand the process and not spend weeks reading yet another manual of how-tos that didn't make sense or that led to other sites where you had to pay to advertise (note: You can spend money to advertise the widget on some sites, but there are loads of FREE methods that work well too.) and; (3) that offered a legitimate money-back guarantee if it didn't turn out to be what the person thought it was and that the return was easy (this works because Clickbank has a no-hassle return policy and a live chat room that gets your refund processing in minutes.) I chose The Amazing Widget (but since then have found other products that convert to income easier.)  I use this as an example of how I used the Product Launch tactics in Bring The Fresh to make hundreds of dollars on that first launch.

I watched the videos in Bring The Fresh about on-page SEO tactics and Product Launching. Using the tactics I learned in Bring the Fresh from Kelly Felix, within 24 hours, my website was indexed in Google. I was thrilled with these fast results from the on-page search engine optimization techniques that were so simple and all in one list in Bring The Fresh of do-this, do-that in this order. I have to tell you that I finally found the secrets of online marketing in Bring The Fresh.

Click here to sign up for Bring The Fresh free for 2 weeks.

Watch this video and see what I mean… I had bits of the puzzle, but Mike and Kelly pull back the curtain and give you the whole show. You will read it and watch the videos and when Kelly says the secret to online marketing is ____________, you will go “Aha!” or “ahhhhhhh” or “lightbulb moment” or “I get it, I finally get it!” Bring the Fresh is offering a FREE two-week membership to peek inside – go peek now!

The Bring The Fresh strategies got this blog listed so quickly that I began to write articles, make videos and study all I could find out about the product. It was like I had been looking outside from the bakery window and smelling the aroma of all these homemade baked goods with thousands of dollars of bills tucked inside of them, and finally I was handed one muffin with a promissory note. The Note promised that if I followed all the steps in Bring The Fresh to promote The Amazing Wizard, that I would succeed.

To me, I envisioned dominating the first page of Google for every key term related to this launch. By the third day of using methods that are outlined step-by-step on my blog, I began to see my results sprinkled everywhere.

Oh my goodness, this was great, but I had more work to do to get all the keyword terms that someone would type in to find this product ranked in the number one position on Google, and I had only nine days to go, but I already had first page Google listings on some of the terms. I was determined to get the rest before the launch went live. Why is it so important to be on the first page of Google?

The secret is that the top spots get most of the traffic and the other get some, but your listing must be at the top where the person searches. You have only a few seconds to catch their eye, and then once the visitor is on your site, you only have a few seconds to keep them there. If they stay and begin to read and you have a really good review, your next step is to have a really good bonus to offer them.

It is the old adage of The Golden Rule and it really does work. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why would you buy a product from one person, if the other person advertising the same product offered you a manual on how to get started with the product, or some other missing piece of the puzzle? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Go check it out! Review of Bring The Fresh

Hope that helps!

To your success,




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